Depending on where you live, it might be starting to feel a lot like spring. In California, it's here for sure. The sun is shining and wildflowers are beginning to cover the hills and valleys. Flowering trees are in full bloom, their branches heavy with white, pink or purple blossoms. The hills where I live are bright green with grass, which is always a precious moment before the lands turn to golden brown with the heat of the summer. 

This month brings us the spring equinox in a couple weeks in conjunction with the new moon. You know what that means? Time for spring cleaning. This is a great time to clean up your space, both literally and metaphysically. If you haven't already started instinctively, these next two weeks are the perfect time to make it happen. 

Here are a few sweet tips to get you started and inspired.

  1. Clean your house - I know I say this every season, but that's because it's really important. Clean up your space so that the old energy can clear out and the new dawn can seep in. Pay special attention to places you don't clean very often, like windowsills, closets, odd corners, etc.
  2. Move stuff around - Lift things up, relocate things, re-organize your storage places or drawers. By moving stuff around, it becomes more obvious as to what we need and what we don't need, and also as to what's helping us or hindering us. Do you really need that collection of empty jars? Is that stack of magazines really working for you right there?
  3. Breathe deeper and do it outside - An important part of acclimating our spirits to seasonal change is connecting our bodies to what's going on. The body is the messenger for stuff like this, and a great way to receive the messages easier and faster is to go outside. Whether you live in a city or the mountains, in the hills or at the beach, nature is sending signals that springtime is coming and that things are shifting. Get out there and soak it up so that your cells can line up with the world around you.
  4. Set goals - Spring is a great time to look ahead and let go of what's behind you. A sure-fire way to do this is to focus on what you want to create by writing down visions and goals for yourself. Just the act of doing this will move things forward and free you up from any stuff that might be weighing you down in your proverbial backpack.
  5. Laugh a lot - Laughter really is the best medicine. It gets you unstuck, creates joy for you and people around you, and it reminds your inner-self that there's a lot of light at your fingertips. Work actively to create situations for yourself where laughter flows easily.
  6. Try something new - did you know that doing something new is one of the best ways to ignite profound creativity? By trying something completely new, you might blow your own mind.

Above all, enjoy this fresh season of newness, and may the beauty around you remind you of all the beauty within you, as well.

All the love,

Sadie Rose


Sadie Rose is a writer, designer, and shop owner who lives in Paradise, California. Learn more about her here and follow her on Instagram here.