Let's bring some energy and color into our lives and get back in touch with our energy centers, or chakras!

When Spring is around the corner, I just really want to embrace colors, come back to alignment and create vibrant energy. So I gravitate towards working with my chakras! I teamed up with a beautiful soul sister of mine, Monica, or Notyourbigsister on YouTube, to bring some chakra beauty regimes and makeup tips you can try to enhance your natural beauty and realign your chakras!

I will show you how to create bath rituals for each chakra and my dear friend (we go way back to our theater days, and would play with makeup for hours!) will show you some awesome vlogs on how to use the chakra colors in your makeup and beauty routine!

So, what are the Chakras?

We are all made of energy. Our atoms buzz together to create this energy we know as the human body. Our body then produces more energy and this is where the chakras come into play.  The word chakra is Sanskrit and means ‘wheel.’ From these wheels we are taking in and releasing significant amounts of energy from our body. Western society is very new to this concept and way of understanding our body. Eastern medicine takes the energies of the chakras into serious consideration for overall health and has created and crafted the knowledge of what we know of the chakras for thousands of years. We can learn so much from these subtle energies within and without us.

There are seven main chakras (there are also a lot of other smaller chakras we will not be focusing on) that run along our spine. The spinal cord is the main channel for our nervous system to power our entire body with signals and messages from the brain. It is no surprise our main energy wheels run along this path. Each chakra governs an area of the body and the emotions, sensations, and functions that go with this area.

The Solar Chakra!

  • Sankrit: Manipura, “lustrous gem”
  • Symbol: 10 petal triangle
  • Location: solar plexus
  • Color: yellow
  • Tarot: Magician, Emperor, Chariot, Strength, Sun, Fire/Wand suit
  • Association: empowerment, self-confidence, self-respect
  • Symptoms: ulcers, digestion issues, weak abdominal/muscles
  • Imbalances: self-loathing, indifference, hot-temper
  • Achieved State: being
  • Crystals: citrine, amber, tiger’s eyes, yellow topaz
  • Incense: cinnamon, ginger  

The Solar Chakra in Sanskrit is the Manipura Chakra, meaning “lustrous gem” because this is where our inner light shines through. It is located two-inches above the navel and it is what helps us connect to our own authentic self. It is associated with our confidence, willpower, and our “inner fire” lit from within. When our Solar Chakra is balanced we feel confident and motivated to pursue our passions, we know how to say no when we need to, and our willpower is strong, yet not dominating. We treat ourselves with respect because we acknowledge our self-worth and treat others with worth as well. When there is an imbalance we can become easily irritable, be disrespectful to ourselves and others, our confidence in ourselves wanes, and we do not have any motivation to pursue our dreams or passions. Tempers can flare, impatience Stomach or kidney issues could arise as well.

If you want to learn more about the chakras, I wrote an ecourse all about them! With Chakra Rhythms you will receive an ebook, calendars, meditations, and recipes for each energy center! You can learn more here. Let's get started!

Solar Meditation

Let us open to the energy of Solar Chakra before we begin the beauty ritual. This will help you come into a space of receiving and openness to really allow the chakra to flow through you. Mala beads are wonderful tools for meditation and to help us focus our intent. This stunning Solar Mala is handcrafted by Natalie of Bright Star and Buffalo

solar chakra.jpg


From Natalie:

The SS Mala: Our "arrow head" mala is strong and steady.  Wearing it stimulates the Manipura Chakra (solar plexus) and the energies of independence, happiness, vitality and knowledge of true purpose. The "piercing'' quality of the arrow opens us to our highest potential in these domains.
Strong and Steady - Meet Your Mark             
This mala is made from quartz crystal.  Each bead is wire worked/wrapped by hand with recycled brass wire.  There are 54 beads (an even division of 108).  Our "arrow head" is hand forged from conflict free sheet brass (each arrow head is one of a kind).

If you would like to purchase one of her stunning malas feel free to email her:

Hold your mala in your dominant hand in between your thumb and middle finger. As you pass over each bead, imagine your solar chakra glowing a vibrant yellow color and let this color grow brighter and expand outward. You can vocally say "Ram" (Rom) - that is the mantra for the Solar chakra in Sanskrit, as you touch each bead, or you can say your own mantra.... Confident, Strong, Warrioress, Focus, Positive, Happy, etc. if you don't have malas feel free to hold any yellow or gold crystals in your palms! My favorite for the Solar Chakra is Citrine! Do this meditation until you feel confident, or whatever you want to embody and begin your beauty Ritual!

Sunny Beach Waves and Sunshine Nails!

What you need:

  • Hot but not boiling water
  • 2 Tbsp Epsom Salt or Sea Salt or both
  • A few drops of Almond, Jojoba, Sunflower, or Apricot oil
  • Your favorite EO's for smell - I used Sweet Orange and Lavender
  • A spray bottle
  • Small Citrine stones ( had some that I could put in the bottle. you can always use a bigger bottle to fit your stones, only 1 stone will do :)

As I was drawing my bath, I filled the bottle about 3/4 full with the hot bath water ( I always go for the easiest and simplest ways :o). I then added my Epsom salt ( I read it is not as drying on your hair as sea salt!) I put about 2 tablespoons of Epsom and 2 teaspoons of Sea salt. I then added a few drops of Apricot oil, I also read you could add some of your conditioner, but that didn't sound appealing to me. You totally can though! I may try that next time! I then added my EO's, and dropped my Citrine's into the bottle. Now shake the bottle for a good minute to mix and dissolve the salts. That is why you need the hot water first! While I was shaking, I was pouring my intent to feel confident and sexy whenever I use this spray in my hair! 

I then placed the bottle out in the Sunshine to get some more Solar energy and happy vibes into it. I created a crystal grid around it with citrine's and clear quartz and some of my sunflower petals. 

*Click the pictures to make them bigger*

While my texturizing spray was soaking in the sunshine, I was soaking in the bath! I surrounded myself with more citrine (apparently I have a lot, but other yellow and gold gemstones would work beautifully too!) I also added Sunflowers to float along with me. I added Sweet Orange essential oil to my bath, and it was just a really happy, yummy bath time!

When I got out of my bath, I towel dried my hair while it was wet and began scrunchy it to get waves. My hair is fine, kinda wavy, but I have A LOT of it. I got my spray and while I scrunched it, I sprayed my roots, my ends, everywhere! I then blow dried my hair upside down still scrunching, and focused drying my roots for volume. I didn't completely dry my hair because I am a big believer in air drying :)

Before: Scrunched and semi blow dried

I am wearing the Sacral Eyes from the last Chakra post!

After: Air Dried and Ready!

You can also use the spray on your dry hair at your roots for volume and a pick me up! I would love to see how your beach waves turn out! Use the hashtag #bohobeachwaves on Instagram!

Sunshine Nails!

Now that you have your sassy beach waves. bring in more sunshine with this fun and glittery nail tutorial! I want to say, thank you Monica for being brave and trying a new beauty risk with this tutorial! that is what the Solar chakra is all about!

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