Let's bring some energy and color into our lives and get back in touch with our energy centers, or chakras!

When Spring is around the corner, I just really want to embrace colors, come back to alignment and create vibrant energy. So I gravitate towards working with my chakras! I teamed up with a beautiful soul sister of mine, Monica, or Notyourbigsister on YouTube, to bring some chakra beauty regimes and makeup tips you can try to enhance your natural beauty and realign your chakras!

I will show you how to create bath rituals for each chakra and my dear friend (we go way back to our theater days, and would play with makeup for hours!) will show you some awesome vlogs on how to use the chakra colors in your makeup and beauty routine!

So, what are the Chakras?

We are all made of energy. Our atoms buzz together to create this energy we know as the human body. Our body then produces more energy and this is where the chakras come into play.  The word chakra is Sanskrit and means ‘wheel.’ From these wheels we are taking in and releasing significant amounts of energy from our body. Western society is very new to this concept and way of understanding our body. Eastern medicine takes the energies of the chakras into serious consideration for overall health and has created and crafted the knowledge of what we know of the chakras for thousands of years. We can learn so much from these subtle energies within and without us.

There are seven main chakras (there are also a lot of other smaller chakras we will not be focusing on) that run along our spine. The spinal cord is the main channel for our nervous system to power our entire body with signals and messages from the brain. It is no surprise our main energy wheels run along this path. Each chakra governs an area of the body and the emotions, sensations, and functions that go with this area.


  • Sankrit: Svadhisthana, “sweetness”
  • Symbol: 6 petal crescent moon
  • Location: lower abdomen
  • Color: orange
  • Tarot: High Priestess, Moon, Temperance, the Cup suit
  • Association: creativity, sexual energy, feelings, intuition
  • Symptoms: lower back issues, bladder issues, moon-time/reproductive issues
  • Imbalances: over-emotional, jealousy, possessiveness
  • Achieved State: depth of emotions
  • Crystals: amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian, black/peach/rainbow moonstone, orange calcite, rose quartz, selenite 
  • Incense: jasmine, lemon balm, rose, sweet orange

The Sacral Chakra in Sanskrit is the Swadhishthana Chakra and is the second energy spot of the Chakra body. It is located two inches below the belly button and helps connects us to the watery realm of our emotions and creativity. It is in charge of the sexual organs, lower back, and intestines, as well as our emotions and intuition. When our Sacral Chakra is balanced we feel open to our emotions and can control our reactions in healthier ways. We also have a fulfilling sex life and can trust our intimate partners. We can fully listen and be open to our intuition to make healthy decisions and our own creative flow is rich. When there is an imbalance in the Sacral area we may become blocked from our creativity and it is hard to listen or trust our intuition. We may feel like helpless victims to our emotional whims and our libidos are non-existent. Lower back pain and sexual issues may persist as well.

If you want to learn more about the chakras, I wrote an ecourse all about them! With Chakra Rhythms you will receive an ebook, calendars, meditations, and recipes for each energy center! You can learn more here. Let's get started!

Sacral Meditation

Let us open to the energy of Sacral Chakra before we begin the beauty ritual. This will help you come into a space of receiving and openness to really allow the chakra to flow through you. Mala beads are wonderful tools for meditation and to help us focus our intent. This stunning Sacral Mala is handcrafted by Natalie ofBright Star and Buffalo

From Natalie:

Banyan Tree Mala

Reminder jewelry by bright star and buffalo

Our "Banyan Tree" mala is warming and healing...  wearing it stimulates the Svādhishthāna Chakra (sacral) and the energies of creativity, sensuality, faith, satisfaction, and clarity of feeling. The "Banyan'' leaf and roots open us to our highest potential in these domains.
This mala is made from bayong wood.  Each bead is wire worked/wrapped by hand with recycled copper wire.  There are 36 beads (an even division of 108).  Our "Banyan leaf and roots" is hand forged from conflict free sheet copper (each one is unique) as an end/Guru bead.

*A percentage of each mala purchase goes to Trees for The Future - A non-profit devoted to reforestation and the elimination of economic hardship due to deforestation in environmentally decimated regions of the world.  Thank you for your contribution.

If you would like to purchase one of her stunning malas feel free to email her:

Hold your mala in your non-dominant hand in between your thumb and middle finger. As you pass over each bead, imagine your sacral chakra, womb space, glowing a vibrant orange color and let this color swirl within your womb, taking you deeper into your inner ocean. You can vocally say "Vam" (Vom) - that is the mantra for the Sacral chakra in Sanskrit, as you touch each bead, or you can say your own mantra.... Sexy, Fertile, Sensual, Whole, Worthy, Creatrix, Goddess, etc. if you don't have malas feel free to hold any orange or sacral crystals in your palms! My favorite for the Sacral Chakra is Moonstone! Do this meditation until you feel sexy, or whatever you want to embody and begin your beauty Ritual!

Sensual Sacral Chakra Bath

Sacral Stones:

  • Moonstone: This stone represents the waxing moon and full moon. She reminds of the cycles of ebb and flow and how nothing can remain the same for long. She assists with sacral and third-eye issues to really allow us to listen and trust our intuition. She helps to balance hormones, moon-time and emotions. A stone for new beginnings.
  • Carnelian: She assists with sacral issues, such as sexual and creative energies, womb issues, and because of her vibrancy, she replenishes energy. She will help you tap into your creativity while giving you energy to do so! Keep her around while you create and see where it leads. She lends you courage to release sexual trauma and pain, while giving you enthusiasm and encouragement.
  • For this bath surround yourself with Sacral stones, lots of bubbles, and add 20 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to the water. You will feel like a Goddess, trust me.

Feel free to add cups of sea salts to bring in the ocean energy of this chakra. Feel yourself becoming one with the water.

When you step out of the water, anoint your womb/sacral chakra with the Ylang Ylang and relax the rest of the evening. Walking around in a flowy kimono adds an extra flutter to this ritual. Afterward try this beautiful eye shadow tutorial bringing the color vibration of orange and sassiness to your aura. Have fun adorning yourself!

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