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Aries ::::::::::
This energy feels very much like you are working on projects or ideas or new courses of study that relate to you stepping into new shoes that will be able to exhibit your gifts in bigger and grander ways. I see BIG SHOES and I feel like this is new or the beginning of something because you are tiny in them still!  Its like you are stepping into shoes that are 10 times as big as you but ONE DAY they will fit like a glove and this is a message to step in and keep walking no matter how clumsy they feel right now or how far you have to go to get to the top of this mountain that is reflected by the changes in your career or dreams.  You will really start to hammer out the details over the next few weeks and make the connections and sign the paperwork and get the balls rolling. You are encouraged to be very excited about this change you are bringing into your life, KNOWING that this is going to change your life, and especially in the next couple years. So understand that there is a process here and this is not overnight success AT ALL. It is study and tests and long-term learning.  But it feels really fun, so I know you are excited to delve into this deeper study or long term project.  Just do not rush this!  If you are joining a school, you wont be able to rush anyway as everything is timed out. But if this is a self-study or something that you are controlling just remember that you need this to sink in and really be learned in your cells.  This also may be something emotion based, thought based or healing based because you waking to the power that you have in regards to making improvements on others lives THROUGH delving into the victim states. So something about this feels related to delving deeply but coming to the surface more empowered than ever. So it may be that you are learning to teach others how to do the work and become the best peoples they can be… or something like this. Or it may just be that you yourself are seeing how the things you have felt limited you are in fact your greatest gifts to offer to others in service.

Taurus ::::::::::
This feels like SUCH a focused time for you when you are ready to move those mountains!  This is your birth day time, but this feels more like a rebirth where you are sitting with your pen and paper and really focusing fully on what you need to do to go to greater heights than you have ever achieved before. It feels like you want to break the sound barrier and go higher than others have gone before!  And honestly this feels like the energy that only comes a few times in a lifetime.  And it is where you are almost hooked up into genius mode as to how to do more, do it better, make your mark and show just how valuable you are to the world. This does feel like it is dealing with money, so you may be creating bigger goals with your income and are looking for all loopholes that may hold you back, or that you need to jump on.  You have this sort of x-ray vision into your future and are really gauging things for their value and for their sustainability.  Plan the next month to really hone in on what projects feel like they use your greatest gifts and also have a sustainable affect, so that they can linger on and on with a rippling affect.  Also feel free to say NO to projects that just really don’t feel like they have soul, because you probably will be inundated with ideas and also opportunities. Understand too that this time, and what you are working on right now has the ability to make more money than you could ever imagine and can even transform how others see you in the world! This means if you play your cards right, follow what has heart, follow what REALLY uses your gifts and aim it out into the world, like through the web, or through publishing, or through teaching, that you have the opportunity to see MUCH fruit growing from these first seedlings!  You are birthing something, so don’t go haywire thrilled just yet, but do know this is special and it needs total care and patient support. Take care of this baby like you would your own newborn.

Gemini ::::::::::
Okay the shift is coming soon! Hold on just a little while longer!  And KNOW that you are about to come full speed out the gate in dazzling fashion!  And what is really amazing is that things have come to you over the past few weeks that deal with taking a new path or making some changes in your life or even going for things that you thought were unobtainable and from this recent retreat you realized IF NOT NOW, WHEN?  AND with Mercury going retrograde in your sign, you are now going to really go back and think further about how to make these long held dreams a reality. AND this place you are going back to is very much about again, hooking up to spirit more than you ever have before. You are really going to be called to ask the questions, and then WAIT for the response to come in your belly, or in your body talk.  This will be where you will notice your mind chatter lessen as something is telling you that the more you try to figure things out, the more you end up in situations that then don’t feel so wonderful while you are actually in them.  So you are being asked to only go to the intuitive spaces with life direction decisions over the next month.  You are also being asked to FEEL OUT how things greet you. This actually feels like you are transforming into the person you dream of being, in that you can let go of that indecision that is so often in your mind and really start to trust spirit more to guide you to the correct path AND that you also are learning to feel which feels like the best decisions to make. You WILL be making many decisions soon and all of them that are the best ones for you will FEEL so exciting and BRAND NEW. Go towards what feels like a rebirth or reboot or start over with life.  Also you are going to start to feel very empowered with honoring the path you have walked, the opportunities it has supplied you, and how you DO have much to offer FROM all those things that for so long felt like the very things that have held you back.  This is also really going to usher in a time where you feel all sassy pants and confident with self. People may even comment that you seem different and like something has changed about you. And seriously, you KNOW it was from the changes you went through while in the most recent retreat. You know that you are more trusting of life and you are feeling the transformative affect of all the inner work you have said yes to. Feel good about this.  A new you means a new life to experience! 

Cancer ::::::::::
Your affect on others right now is EPIC. Stop and smell that for a moment. Stop the drama of your own life experience, put it on pause, and know that YOUR AFFECT on others is life altering. You are to come forward with your heart on sleeve and notice who is needing your love and care. This really feels like something touch based, so it may even be that others just need to know you are there and that you can be their anchor when they are going through something intense.  Something is waking in you that is showing you that you have healing gifts in using your words to help others rise above situations in life. Something about you stepping out of your own drama will show you that the tone you have, those perfectly timed soft touches, and the guidance that flows out of you from spirit is being called forth for a reason. This is also linked to things coming down the road that you cannot see yet, but this is about paying it forward.  And seriously, I see you stepping out of your own body, which is why I feel the stepping out of your drama, and coming forward almost like this angel for others right now! And let me tell you that when you do this, you are going to feel so much expansion in your heart and it is going to fill YOU with that self love that YOU so desperately need! So think about that, the more you reach out and assist others, the more you will feel very secure and at home with who you are. You are needing to tune more into spirit and to slow down and smell the roses, which is probably why I used smell in the first line of this reading.  It came out that way so I didn’t want to change it!  You are actually moving into a more leisurely pace after much hustle and bustle, and the door with which you are walking through begins when you reach out to assist another who is going through difficult times.  All I see is dark when I look into what you are walking through, but it is mysterious and scented like lavender, so I know it will be soothing and calming to your soul, and nothing to dread or fear.  You are encouraged to sit amongst wild flowers, to smell the air, to feel the wind, and to enjoy just BEING as messages of hope and inspiration are trying to waft into your space.

Leo ::::::::::
Okay, so now starts the process of scanning over some of your big moves of recent days and really seeing if they manifested the way you had hoped, or if you need to make some changes for your next attempts. Also you are being asked to make a bit of a pause with your life, and not move forward as you were thinking, so that you can slow down enough to FEEL in what direction you are being called to travel.  This is more like a pit stop, where you are gasing up the car, looking over the map, stretching your legs, and taking some time to decompress so that you can gain the steam to move forward with more purpose.  This is not a long break, but it is an important one. There are some tweaking changes that need to occur and they really relate to getting feedback from others, tuning into spirit, and also knowing that you are always protected and guided on this path of yours, WHEN you do everything that your HEART is guiding you to do.  When you get too much into thinking in the way of what others would want, or what others are doing, or what you think others expect of you, you can get a little off path.  And what you are really being guided to do is to read that road map in a different way, where you are not just doing the direct route, but really noticing which path has light to it, and which path is shining in that you feel called to travel this one, EVEN if it makes NO sense!  Spirit is wanting to guide you in so many ways, and what you can expect when you take this synchronistic way is serious and powerful transformative life situations that change the way you view your place in the world.  Trust me; connections are to be made in magical ways when you make sudden irrational turns, drastic slamming on the breaks, and also when you pick up stray hitch hikers that show up on your path!  Things are trying to greet you that are catalysts in opening your mind and aligning you to more of a trusting and organic sort of life path. Inspiration comes when you are doing what you would not normally do. So follow your heart in all that you do. If you feel like you have to work all day, but just want to go to a park and write and drink coffee and chill out, DO IT.  There is something there for you! It is like there will be gifts at all places where you are doing something unique that is not normally the path you would take.  Step off the path! Go through the woods and let your heart light lead the way!

Virgo ::::::::::
You should feel like you are in a roller coaster ride, but that you are going up and up and up and just KNOW that at any minute you are going to swoop down, but not in a let down way, and instead one that has you squealing with delight at the exhilaration of it all!  You may be anticipating despair, or disappointment, or bad news, but, nope, I don’t feel that.  I feel that you have every reason to be stoked for what is soon to reveal itself. This is the getting to the top of the roller coaster and flying down through another loop… it may take your breath away and your tummy may get a little scared with what is to come, but NOPE, you are to hold the vibration of ALL IS GOOD, because it is.  I am hearing that it is really important that you believe in the best in these anticipatory moments. You ARE anticipating SOMETHING and you are to not look to your past for an interpretation as you are expanding in ways that really are being created through how you believe they will manifest. And I am ordering you to believe the best.  I am ordering you to laugh your head off at all possible opportunities. I am ordering you to KNOW that you are safe and all is in order and you are securely strapped in and all you have to do is enjoy the ride that is before you.  Now there is also something here with you gaining in power when you put yourself forward and KNOW that you are gifted and have much to offer. You may have noticed that you often give your power away to others and try to stay more on the humble down low with how awesome you are, and you know I KNOW how awesome you are, and right now it is time that YOU KNOW how awesome you are. You are to own the truth that you have much to offer in the lives of others and that your influence is pretty grounding and stabilizing. You may be called to step out even further in the world in regards to your gifts because of you owning your power, so get ready to come out of the box in some way. You can do this, though.  Just trust this ride and know that it may take you to places you never thought you would go, but this is a part of the journey of getting you to blossom from this seed and explore what is truly the potential in what you are here to offer the world.

Libra ::::::::::
This time is going to bring a sort of polar opposite feelings where you will be plunging the depths but then quickly finding what you need and surging back up to the top where you feel refreshed and alive and really on purpose in a brand new way. So know that if you are still in a bit of a dark and confusing space that you are encouraged to keep at it and know that when you finally hit that spot that you are supposed to see right now that then you will be catapulted up to the top where you can finally get a breath in. I even feel this sort of shallow breathing where you don’t feel that safe to fully breath and relax in this moment. It feels like in taking the shallow breathes you are hoping this will speed up the process and get you to the top sooner! But, you really need to breathe into this AND accept that you have work to do before you can pass go and get your reward.  There is also the message that you really need to hold the faith in this situation, that likely may be more about others than it is about you, and keep your thoughts on just being love and being a positive supportive system.  You may even need to shine the light on another persons path, as this may be weighing you down, and your influence can really guide the way.  Do know too that the power of your thoughts is guiding YOUR path and others at this time!  So be conscious of this and dream of some magic happening around you.  This also makes me think that if you are living with someone that your boundaries have gotten overlapped and you are feeling worry and fear for them and that knowing this now, you need to align your thoughts to pulling them through and filling them with faith and optimism. What you hold, they will hold. Not always, but right now this is happening.  This may be because you are to be an anchor for someone right now and they are in your path for a reason. So be the strength and know that your energy has the capacity to save lives right now… and that is seriously what I just heard.  This actually is a matter of life or death… but it feels like a metaphorical death where you assisting someone in them awakening to a new expression of who they are capable of being.  And let me just tell you that I have never felt a reading that was more about others than it was about you, so this is important! You are to be a sort of superhero for someone right now. 

Scorpio ::::::::::
This is a great time for you… although it may not feel that way! This is where the truth of what you are delving into is wonderful, but it may not feel that great as you do the work. But it is the end result that you need to keep your eyes on!  So you are in a HUGE time of really peeling back those layers and facing yourself HEAD ON. There is not the ability to hide right now as so much is rolling through your life and it is very much about high drama and DEEP emotions. You may be feeling things so deeply that you want to hide and escape from all this intensity, but this is happening because you MUST face something about yourself before you can move forward. This feels to me like you are walking through a car wash, with no car, and things are smacking you in all directions and the air and water is pounding you to the point you cant even keep your eyes open or see which way is up from down.  This feels very shocking and obtrusive, BUT, know that you need every second of this in order to force you to really see what you have not been willing to look at. This also may deal with relationships with others, and seeing your side of things, and how you created this situation too. This is not the easiest for you because Scorpio is one of the three signs (Virgo and Aries, the others) that always think they are right, so they don’t tend to see how they have done anything wrong.  It is a wall that needs to be broken down because every thing has two sides, and you have just only been seeing how wrong THEY ARE or how THEY created this discord, or whatever.  This can be a humbling time that knocks you to your knees… BUT when you face this thing head on, you are going to come out SO much more beautiful and capable of having truly healthy relationships with others.  There is just a block that needs to be faced, but when you do you will bust through it and get to the other side and feel FANTASTIC. Don’t give up on this. It is healing work and if you are called to have someone assist you with this, just put it out there because OTHERS are very much in this equation, which means you don’t have to go it alone with the excavation work.  Allow someone to help you.

Sagittarius ::::::::::
You are going to be able to move mountains in your life THROUGH adjusting those thoughts in your head that you keep hidden and only to yourself. I feel the words coming out of you are a bit different right now than the ones in your head. The ones in your head feel more like worry or where you are feeling insecure of something going on in your life, and possibly this is with your work environment, or your close relationships.  This feels like you are sensing something under the surface and this is setting off alarms in your body.  This also feels like things have not totally revealed themselves just yet, but you KNOW something is up. Do be aware that you are hyper sensitive right now and your body is also reflecting the state of your life as a whole. This means you may be feeling draggy and sick and insecure and almost anticipating that something is about to fall apart. Remember, my love, that Saturn is in your sign, so those feelings WILL be a big part of your life for the next few years, and you just have to pull up your boot strings and buck up and accept this fact that we all go through. And it is so important that you get your thoughts, the ones inside of you, on a trusting vibration and one that knows you will survive any storm.  Also do know that you WILL need to speak up with those who are closest to you, and brave this uncertainty, so you get to the bottom of what your body has been telling you.  This you will do over the next few weeks, so sit with this a little while longer, but DO KNOW you NEED to uncover this hidden material. And you will do it with love and the THOUGHTS that healing can occur, and something about this release, or getting this thing off your shoulders is going to have you feeling SO MUCH lighter and carefree when you do so.  You are tense now because you have been holding this in but freeing this is the way to go. This also may be a health concern where you have not wanted to face something, but do know that MOST people going through their Saturn Return, or with Saturn in their sign, tend to attract some sort of health imbalance that totally shifts out when the transit leaves. So again, pay attention to what your body tells you that you need to do, such as quitting smoking, eating plant based, using supplements, doing yoga, or whatever, and keep those thoughts on HEALTH and abundance.

Capricorn ::::::::::
This feels VERY much like a rebirth space and where you are feeling much more confident with yourself and with the timing of how your manifestations show up. This feels like you are aligning to a new track, although it may be the same track, but your MIND SPACE is what makes this feel brand new. This feels like you are letting go of the comparison and jealousy vibe that has you looking out and feeling less than when you see people doing things that you wish to be doing. And yes, you may have been working towards this way of being for a while, but something really feels like it is finally FOR REAL shifting. You may now be looking out at others and feeling like there is no threat and it is all good.  This feels like before there were twinges of jealousy or judgment you would go through, but now things don’t even flicker in your system. It is whatever, and all good.  Now, you are going to be very focused on narrowing down in regards to your destiny work. Something is pumping you up and helping you to see of ways to focus more clearly into your true gifts (even though you may have many interests) and really just go towards what others COME AT YOU FOR. This is seeing what is greeting you and NOT what you are going forward to greet. Our interests tend to be the things WE greet, and our gifts tend to be the things that GREET US. So take a moment to see what has dropped on your path.  Even if this is something that surprises you, KNOW that it is showing up for a reason. You are also in the process of letting go of needing to be seen by others. There is an innate quality of all Capricorns that has them waiting for others to see how wonderful they really are. (I have a Cap Rising, so trust me, this is not an insult, it is just a fact).  And something is washing over you that is seriously just moving into the trust vibe so that you don’t need others confirmation of how gifted you are. You suddenly are not needing ANYONE to define you any longer and this will free you to do your work, and that work that greets you, in an organic and naturally expressive manner.   Health is also very highlighted, so expect to get messages from others that are all about exposing you to what you weren’t seeing before. There is also something to whatever you hear that is layered and has a root cause to it that is separate from the issue at hand. YOUR MIND plays a HUGE part in the healing process.  BELIEVE that you can heal your life.

Aquarius ::::::::::
If ever there was a time to make a big home move that really ushers in a whole new way of living, it will be around now. You are in a place in life that feels like the rubics cube where you are making a few changes, that are like click and lock, and it feels like your foundation is changing, and from this a whole new way of feeling is going to sprout from the ground.  I see you being VERY HAPPY and actually so amazed that you had no idea this was coming your way and no idea how much it would change your life over the next 6 months. This also feels very much like you are being granted a DO OVER in some sense where the game has changed and now things will start to unfold in ways that really feel like the dream. So whatever is ending, falling away, shifting, realigning, or moving in any sense of the word is to FULLY BE EMBRACED.  Do not be scared of change and instead fun fully and eagerly into the NEW that is trying to greet you. Love is very much highlighted and this change may actually bring a rebirth to a partnership, or even the return of a lost long love. The changes that are greeting you is aligning you for the RETURN of something and this will make you very, very happy!  There is also the element of money showing up and this one is saying, go beyond your past and move forward into a more daring future. Do not look back at how it has been done, but KNOW that you deserve more and deserve better and when you say YES to such a container, your life will greet you with manifestations that support that risk.  Also know that when you TRUST that you will be provided for and when you can enter the space of forgiveness and compassion with others in your life, that you can create a very new healed and positive new relationship.  Let them off the hook and begin again with a fresh new slate.

Pisces ::::::::::
You especially will be someone who is seeing something in another person that you actually need to see in yourself. There is something empowerment based that is about shifting from judging another, or feeling envy with another, and instead owning that you do this same thing, and something about where we are right now with this energy, is that you will be able to let it go and feel the empowerment of such a trait! You used to judge someone else who did this same thing, and now in letting that go, you will see that you TOO have that trait and that you are AMAZING because of it!  This may be that you were not truly owning your power, so it triggered you that someone else was, and now something changes and you see that you DO THIS AMAZING THING TOO!  Everything changes when you awaken to this. You are also in a very sweet space of regrouping and really regrounding your life in a way so that you will feel like you FINALLY have found YOUR path. Things are connecting. Synchronicity is in full force. And your MIND is totally on doing whatever it takes to align to KNOWING you are safe, protected, do have an important purpose, and that everything you need will show up when you enter that space of trust AND when you surrender into the correct timing of your life.  You know this now and you can feel it in your bones that something has changed and that actually, nothing is going to stop you from getting to your dream destination. Look to friends as a form of inspiration and connection, and also focus on something creative AND healing. This thing is showing up to LIGHT YOU UP. So know that when you are hooked into YOUR THING it feels very much on fire and alive and can probably have you feeling pretty giddy!  Do get all your ducks in a row in regards to your roots or home life!  PLAN on spending more time there delving lusciously into your creative expressions!

written by ~ KV ~
I am the founder of Aquarius Nation, which birthed on February 8, 2005 when all of a sudden the words AQUARIUS NATION were spoken to me from the voice.  I instantly went inside to buy the domain name even though it took until 2011 to get the website created. In this sacred arena, I write about LIFE through high vibrational astrology, energy reading and the wise eyes of my own guidance system.  When I write these readings I just look at the symbols and words flood out of me onto the pages. I basically have no idea what I am talking about as I am just channeling the information YOU need to know. I am honored to be one of your guides into the New Earth Ways.  I am here to ground you and to empower you and help you feel safe in this changing world.  I offer birth chart books, astrology classes and readings to help you remember how powerful you really are and to help you take control of living the life of your dreams.