Hey guys!  It's Laura, the Editor In Chief of the Bohemian Collective magazine.  I know alot of you are new here, so I thought I'd share that in case you didn't know who 'Laura' was from the title.  With the launch of the magazine on May 1st, I was honored to also have my home featured on the Free People blog on the same day.  Julia came to my home to photograph it several weeks ago, and we did an interview together as well.  Go check it out on their blog if you missed it!  This was such a big dream come true for me and I'm so grateful and honored.  And those of you who have left comments over there have seriously filled my heart up! 

They are also giving away a few copies of the magazine!  I'm not sure when the giveaway ends, so be quick if you want in on it.

Love & Gratitude...