Meet Yourself Halfway

Oh HEY summer!

In California, it got ferociously hot last week. I returned from a Tahoe mountain getaway to a 96 degree afternoon, and since then temperatures have been high. So. Hot.  

In accordance with the weather, I’ve shed lots of layers and loose, lightweight fabrics are where it’s at. This season of skin creates a whole different chapter of relating to our bodies. Once it’s hot out, we shed our skins and lose some of our protection. To be comfortable (which, in my opinion, is the ultimate goal), we might end up wearing things that on some level make us uncomfortable.

The spring-to-summer transition is a time when many women re-evaluate or spend extra time examining certain things, such as our thighs, bellies, and butts. Probably some other parts, too. Conversations about bodies seem to peak during this season, simply because we are spending more time with less clothing.

My latest approach is this: Meet Yourself Halfway. If we’re bumming out on something, chances are good that our inclination will be toward diet change or exercise. And these are good things! However, if they are motivated through body-hate, they carry with them the essence of deprivation and they can be bad for the spirit. Instead of just trying to change our bodies, let’s try this:

Eat well, exercise, and and actively practice loving our bodies.

Our bodies shouldn’t have to do all the work. They shouldn’t have to unreasonably change. And chances are, if we’re already in decent shape (which is different for each of us), our bodies might not even change that much. Maybe our thighs seem imperfect, but they’re actually totally amazing. Same with your butt or your stomach or your arms or whatever. If you eat well and exercise, congratulations. That’s so good. Your body thanks you, your longevity thanks you. Now for the other part: start loving the parts you hate.

Yup. That’s what I said. Sounds crazy, right? How does one even do this? Well, it’s another kind of exercise. If your body is going to the gym and doing yoga and lifting weights, then it’s time to exercise your mind and expand your perspective. Learn how to love the things that you obsess about. You can do this only through diligent practice and through being open to new ideas, which is something you should try to incorporate into your entire life, anyway. Most likely, you’ll need to talk the talk first. Tell yourself “I love my belly” even if you don’t. Say it out loud. Pretend you are someone else who thinks a belly like that is HOT.

It’s a process of creative thinking and of releasing dogmas. In this way, you can achieve maximum hotness because loving yourself and owning your beauty is the ultimate hottest thing ever. It really is. Plus, while you’re working on that, your body has been eating well and exercising and doing the best it can to please you. Why make your body do all the work? It’s not fair.

Meet yourself half way and learn to love the skin you’re in. It’s a whole new mode of training that will kick your butt and transform your life, I promise. 

Sadie Rose