“Honoring your everyday Sacred through grounding, creating and living consciously.”


-One part Writing Course. One part Visual Story Telling. One part getting into the Wild. All parts Connecting and honoring the Everyday Sacred!-

I'm thrilled to bring this beautiful and sacred offering to our community here at the Bohemian Collective.  Ashley Fincham of A Global Walk has put together a simple week long course that truly speaks to my soul, as someone who often forages through the woods, gets heart swells when I come across a sacred offering found on the ground, who loves to dig deep in the dirt and in my own heart to see what needs to be cracked open a little wider for intimate healing or soothing or crying out... I love visual story telling.  I love writing.  I love honoring the Everyday Sacred.  If you do to, enter to win a free spot in this course, starting July 1st, by commenting below.  I'd love to know just one simple thing in your comment... What tantalizes your heart strings about this course???


*Please leave your email so we can contact you if you are the winner - Winner will be chosen in one week and emailed upon winning within a few days*