A Radiant Act

A Radiant Act by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

Sometimes I get really lost. I get caught up in all the things. Insight slips through my fingers and life feels hazy and heavy. 

Want to know what brings me back? Radiant acts. Radiant acts are my trail of breadcrumbs. Leading me back to a space where I can begin again. As many times as it takes. 

A Radiant Act by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

Radiant acts aren't always easy. Sometimes it's not just buying yourself flowers or lighting a candle and taking a bath. It's making the choice to talk to a doctor about your anxiety or removing yourself from a toxic environment that some of your friends hang out in. 

Radiant acts are finding the tiny rainbows the day hands you and concentrating on that instead of all the hard stuff. It's remembering that agreeing and loving don't always need to be a packaged deal.

Radiant acts can also be given. This might look like a  gift certificate to get a massage or a conversation with another. One who truly gets you and sees you and hears you and gives you what you really needed ..."permission" she whispered. 

Sometimes radiant acts are literally a chore. Doing the damn laundry or cleaning the home office because the weight of not doing is too heavy to carry for one second more. It can be a picking between take out or home cooked and knowing that the one you go with is the perfect choice.

Radiant acts can be planned and scheduled like date nights or vacations but they can also be spontaneous like playing hooky or jumping in the water with all your clothes on OR with nothing at all.

A Radiant Act by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

Your radiant act might take your breath away with fear as you step through a doorway into unfamiliar territory. Radiant acts help you tap into your power and that can be a little unnerving when it starts showing up. You might look in the mirror one day and not recognize the fierce and bold woman looking you straight in the eyes.

Over time radiant acts can lead us back home but they can also guide us into the future we've been craving. There is a certain freedom that you gain when you start showing up at the table with radiance. You may find that you have a lot to teach and still a lot more to learn. Sometimes you may not even know that the choice you have made was a radiant act until much later down the road. That's ok too, there is no right or wrong way to radiance.

So my love,  are you ready for your own trail of breadcrumbs? Where will it lead you? What does it look like? Share your radiance with us.

XO, Stephanie

what if every meal you ate was a heart opening exercise?

what kind of layers would you shed if your food stripped down & got naked?

what would it feel like to pull up a chair at the radiant table?

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