Oh Hey Fall, I Feel You

Where I live, it’s still really hot. I spent three days at the pool last week and I just got a new bikini because I found a great deal on it and I couldn’t resist. In a lot of ways, it still feels like summer. 

But this past week, no matter how hot it is, Autumn is creeping in. My son started school already, first of all. Anyone who has ever been to school knows that the first week of school is an abrupt indicator that summer is over. 

The sun has started setting earlier. At first I didn’t notice, but now it is undeniable. The long lingering dusk of summer is slowly fading, night by night. An earlier bedtime comes easier now. There are the pomegranates on their trees, nearly ripe. The persimmons are still green, but growing heavier each day. 

I feel it in my bones, too. It’s not just the things that I see all around me. I feel the shift inside, like I always do. I felt like I wasn’t going to this time, like I wasn’t even paying attention. But it didn’t matter, because it’s in me no matter what. My dreams have been acting up, dancing bright in the dawn hours right before I wake up. I’ve also had random childhood memories surface three times in the past week or so. Nothing big, mostly sensory, small moments buried in time that have re-emerged: the back door at my grandmother’s house, the way it opened from the kitchen to the back porch. My emotions are moving large and slow, like a changing tide. Nothing dramatic, just that I feel them more right now, slightly exposed, like the wet dirt we see when we move a big rock in the yard. 

The full moon is tomorrow and i can’t ignore that either. Sometimes I’m like “whatever, moon,” and then the moon is like, “whatever, girl. I RULE YOU.” And then I surrender, again, to the gravity and tides. 

How are you feeling with all of this? Is the summer-to-fall shift affecting you, too? Despite the emotions around it, I couldn’t be happier. This is one of my favorite times of year, one of the most profound seasons in all the cycles. I know that autumn always brings good things, lots of shift and movement, rearrangement, realignment, and we get to reap the benefit of the summer’s work, be it fruits in our garden or fruits in our souls. Harvest time approaches.


Sadie Rose

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