Intentional Wear by  Rootfoot  // Necklace by  Gypsies Caravan

Intentional Wear by Rootfoot // Necklace by Gypsies Caravan


Spirit Animal for Adaptability, Playfulness, and Illumination of Truths


As summer is ending, continue to find moments for play. The sweet essence of the season is marked by adventure, freedom, and bliss. The month of October begins to call us back into a routine and regimen, but we don't need to let go of our wild summer hearts. We can remind ourselves of these qualities and invite them into our lives even when the sun-soaked, whimsical days are behind us. 

The spirit of a Coyote is a powerful animal to reference when things seem to get rigid and we become too serious. The medicine of this animal reminds us to laugh at ourselves and to stop dwelling on our worries and stress. It reminds us to let them go. Coyote helps us bring more balance between wisdom & playfulness and suggests that we do something for ourselves that gives us pleasure and joy. 


Intentional Wear:

Spirit Animal oil by Rootfoot taps into the spirit of Coyote with a bright, citrus blend combining Geranium, Lime, Angelica Root, Vetiver, and Grapefruit Organic Essential Oils. Geranium oil helps us reconnect with our emotional sensitivity, relaxed spontaneity, and a healthy thirst for pleasure and enjoyment. It is often beneficial to use when we experience nervous exhaustion due to stress and overwork. In an Ayurvedic sense, Geranium soothes and enhances our prana - life force. The citrus oils in Coyote simply invite in joy and new light. It provides a moment to clear stagnant energy and invite new energy and perspective. 

Laura Huth of Root Foot

Laura Huth is the Founder & Master Blender of Rootfoot, a brand that is contributing to the conversation of Modern Ritual. She draws on ancient plant wisdom, lunar cycles, aromatherapy, Yoga, and Ayurveda to facilitate direct connection between humans and the Earth. Rootfoot provides Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils & accessories that are meant to guide, heal, inspire, and nourish the spirit.