I'm a few days late on posting the new moon energy reports b/c I was tending to my sweet dying kitty this week and it took everything out of me.  But I figure even though it's late, the energies are still a bit current and still wonderful to reflect on, so I'm sharing them now.  First though I wanted to share about KV's 3rd issue of the High Vibe Guide.  This 129 pages book is filled to the brim with incredible information on the energies for the whole month, individual sign readings looking at several different aspects in depth, and personal mantras for you to use.  Daily moon mapping energies with glimpses of each day, and seriously so much more.  It's an amazing personal tool to have by your side.  It's only $8.88 which I think is a steal for all the info packed in this baby.  If you want to get your hands on it, check it out here.



You are coming ALIVE and it is all because of how you are in a deep space of the rebuild. You are starting from scratch in some area or deciding to uproot or move something. I am seeing the image of an uncurling body and rising up with this brand new strength that YOU may not even realize you possess. And this new energy about you that started with focus on the roots and with cleaning up shop is going to have you feeling like you really CAN do anything. It for sure screams of REBOOT and that a new day is on your horizon and one that you are much more able to navigate through because of something in the past several months that is coming to a completion. You now have a whole new perspective on how to live your life! How awesome is that? And it also will be about you feeling MUCH MORE confident with yourself and with your decisions, and especially the risky shot in the dark ones that your gut says YES YES YES about. I see you sort of leading the way for others because of how solid and confident you are becoming. I also am seeing a horizon or a beautiful new landscape that your eyes are taking in. It just feels like you are zipping through an old way of seeing life while living in this costume, and when out of this confining situation it feels so much more hopeful and CREATIVE. You are growing because of how much you are learning to be the example. You are changing at lightning speed! It also feels like people are going to start understanding you more, or where before you felt misunderstood, you now will feel seen and heard… and respected for that! Feel how great that feels in your heart! Open it wider and accept all the goodness that wants to greet you! There is a LOT that wants to make you think your life is totally charmed!

This is my favorite kind of energy for you! This will bring in a huge wave of motion that ignites your creativity HARD CORE. If feels like you are letting some things go, so as to not over saturate and instead to come together in ways that do more as a team. So you may be working with your tribe more now, even if it is just connecting for the sake of empowering each other. It doesn’t have to be working on the same project, even though it may, but it really is just about you coming together in BETTER GROUPS, as in not the ones that have you feeling like there is something wrong with you. You are finding and focusing on things that feel like HOME and when you have this, you can really create a bulletproof sort of situation that allows inspired ideas to be like bubbles above your head – so easy to access. Suddenly there are so many ways! Suddenly you have so much to hope for! Suddenly it all really feels possible! Suddenly it will seem like long held dreams REALLY are moving forward. Before you were only focusing on the ones that were blocked because it annoyed you. Now you are going towards what feels like a vacuum of spring filled happy times. You are being welcomed in. Watch for changes to occur with your love life. It feels like something is coming back, coming alive or something was riding out the season and now a particular BUDDING is about to occur. Oh boy. It does feel a bit like it will have your heart expanding in ways you didn’t even know it could! Timing is everything! But accept that you do deserve to be cherished and welcome in some of this love!

This feels like an important time for you where something is contracting and expanding at the same time! And this is great news! It almost feels like cooking something down to reduce it but then what you are left with is POWERFUL and POTENT. So you may feel squished a bit, or restricted by something, but it really is just cooking something down so that a true authenticity can be revealed. And this is going to lead to something that expands your life, upgrades your situation, and brings your environment to a new sort of spring like excitement of a fresh slate. Flipped you upside down and now you see this is even better than what you could have dreamed! So things are moving and this also feels like it is health related in that you may be experiencing an improvement that comes from a new environment/new scene. Its almost like you were in some toxic situation and now that is not in your lungs, thus all these invisible pollutants that you had no idea about are not breaking down your immune system. This may be mold? It just feels like I am almost suffocating on something but that I can get outside and I am free. So this may mean you really ARE around someone or in an environment that really is harming your health and that making a choice to leave this thing is going to bring you back to a spring chicken, or something! I see you dancing like you haven’t danced in a long time! It is just lighter and more carefree, finally! There also will be more socializing as you are longing to spend more quality time with people where you can just laugh and connect with where they are on path. Feels like it is time for some fun, my dear Capricorn!

This New Moon feels like you will be focused on really getting your life in order! Things have come UP CLOSE to you so that you have to look at them. And honestly that’s okay because now you really are ready to face them and deal with them. Again there is this CLOSENESS aspect where it may be that things feel enlarged and you are VERY sensitive about them. It’s hard NOT to see what is NOT working. You are learning a lot right now and it feels very much like getting things into shape and being organized. You are being gifted this energy to help you narrow down your focus into getting the base of your life running in a smooth and efficient manner. And you are detailed with this, as if you are mapping something and really thinking of all sides and possibilities. It has your mind alive and enjoying the visions of something that is in creation mode. You also are very much in healing times of seeing things that are harder for you to acknowledge or face but you must let down the walls and feel these things! You need to speak up, get it out, communicate, voice those concerns. Our voices grow stronger in 2016 where we will lose the shy, ashamed, guilty, out of balance ways that we keep our words from clearly coming out. CLEARLY. Clear is not negative, nasty, short sided, or hurtful (feel how those words feel). Clear is clean, kind, gentle, and considerate (feel how those words feel). And I feel you just needed to hear that because you are learning to voice your truth, your true power, your magnificence, your awareness, your comfort and ease on this Earth. You are wanting to show us your Goddess! So, to do that, focus on speaking with the CLEAR. Tell partners what you are REALLY FEELING. Be clear.

Okay my sweethearts this one may feel a bit off for you right now! Now I don’t feel this for all of you but for MOST Scorpios there will be a dissatisfaction or a feeling of let down that you can’t get your mind around. Like, what is this? So let me tell you! This is a TRULY powerful purging time for you right now! That is all! Things are LEAVING YOU. And you feel more emotional and not used to being so affected, but you are. And this is lubricant to your soul so that you can really clear the way and just do it, release it, face it, let go of those fears and worries that you know are not all about the surrendering path. You really are ready to change this view and to discover that gem of a perspective found within that KNOWS you are safe, it is all good, you can trust this, and that you are important and valuable to others. You need nothing else when you have those things activated and grounded within! And right now clearing is occurring around those things. So like gunk in a pipe is what is being cleared. And when your pipes are clean, you are ROCKING IT. You are owning it. You are the clear channel of YOU. So that is what is happening. And now that you know, you can visualize with it and use energy to assist it. Its not hard to picture a clogged pipe, and its kind of fun to see it breaking up and clearing. Don’t judge how long this takes! And while in this situation just focus on what your REAL and ultimate dream is. Focus on how clear and beautiful your pipe was BEFORE the gunk stuck to it, and how it will be again. Dream of your pure state. The true essence that you know you to be anyway! Dream of the perspective of KNOWING you will benefit when you take a risk and go for something lush and beautiful and tropical and all that. The Dream. Go for it. The wonderful, envision it. And then be patient or a bit.

Okay my sweetheart baby! This feels HEAVY in the brain. But let me tell you straight off that YES you are being held down in a way. You are being depressed, as in pressed down, flattened. And you are also trying to go on as life as normal, so this is exhausting on your body, mind and soul. There is a lot to move through and I imagine you don’t even know where to go or what to do or how to shift this. And it may be surprising you how much you have of this to walk! And I do feel you are positive for the better days to come, but the current moments can just feel a bit uncomfortable and TRYING of your patience. Now I do want you to know that you are really looking inward with this New Moon. You have things percolating in you and they are triggered by things outside of you, probably coming through those around you. Something is awakening something in you but the journey to this state may be coming as discomfort/annoyance/envy/judgments/ or something that has you hitting a rock bottom sort of position. And from there …. you find the solution. And you don’t find it until you find it. Okay. So be receptive. You know everything happens for a reason. And right now you are looking closely into the eyes of the victim. The poor me. The ego not being seen. The sensitivities to not being seen, heard or valued are coming up. And really they all just tell a tale of a journey you will now take to becoming so clear with YOUR WORDS and ACTIONS so that no one can ever fulfill the role of giving you any reason to feel poor me. You just have to be clear with your words and then the world will give THAT back to you.

Okay so with this time right now you are feeling very driven to move towards creating a nourishing foundation that can provide an anchor in your life so that you can put more focus into your relationships AND with giving more of yourself to the world. So this is about cleaning up all the imbalances on the foundation so that you are not always thinking about what is OUT of balance. When things are out of balance it is just like sitting on a 3-legged chair. Think about that!! And when on a 3-legged chair you are ALWAYS aware of being on that 3-legged chair! It takes effort that you don’t normally expel while sitting on a 4-legged chair where things are in harmony and comfortable. And right now you are VERY aware of what is out of balance and no longer nourishing and supportive. You are aware of what is not having you feeling comfortable. And at this time you will work to MOVE towards breaking up some of those blocks. And honestly my love, this is all about you communicating with others, or being clear about what you need, or asking that adjustments be made. You are actually looking for ways to compromise. You are about bringing something forward so that they HAVE the opportunity to come together and know compromise. This is like how when devastating things happen in the world, we come together and love each other. 911 and ALL those people forgot about race, sexual orientation, religion and status. When our hearts go vulnerable, we remember that actually we LOVE. We only hate what we don’t understand. And through the heart, we learn to understand others! And you are being asked to be SOFT and speak CLEARLY, while at the same time expecting corrections to occur. Expect everyone to oblige to whatever you need when you finally ask for it. Face the imbalance with the knowing in your heart that you CAN balance it back out. Try that.

So right now money is huge on your mind, but what I want you to notice is that you have a bit more hope attached to the HOW TO manifest more stability. Before, this time may have been one of dread, but now you are feeling more optimistic that this is really just about no pain, no gain. So you are ready to do what needs to be done, to let go of that baggage that is no longer feeding you, and to make the space for the bounty to have plenty of room to manifest in! You are in a contracting to expand sort of space right now. You are releasing, shifting, transforming, and REALLY keeping it real and now ready to see through the eyes of a child and THEN manifest your dreams. You are ready to believe that magic is real and that you REALLY can orchestrate the whole scene appearing before you. You are already feeling that support is always on the way and that you really can allow yourself to imagine that amazing things WILL come your way. You can believe in your future! You can let go of the fear, which sabotages your dreams anyway. Just play right now. And think of this as the workouts before the results really kick in. Don’t give up your faith in what you can do! You can do exactly what you are dreaming of right now! That thing. YES. You can have it. And I do have to say that this reading showed me a person tucked into a cape as they then swing their arms open and the underside of the cape was like a peacock! SO you are GETTING READY or some huge unveiling of SOMETHING. And that means you just need to trust me. It is all good. And it is all manifesting from the dreams you are holding in your mind. So pay attention!!!

I would say that you had best get used to some blessings from the universe coming your way, and for a while now. Remember when it was so hard a couple years ago? It would just not let up, right? Well, you really, really should start to notice and ACCEPT that things really can get better and that life can feel light and carefree again. This energy feels like something is still hidden and in retreat, but you are being told that it is all okay. It is all going to work out just fine! ENJOY THIS TIME. ENJOY THIS MOMENT NOW. Just trust me, you are looking at something great that is up around the next pass, and you don’t need to worry or second guess yourself or worry about money or worry about whatever. Don’t waste this moment on that stuff! And instead slow down enough to remember that you CAN TRUST THIS. You are fully being able to reach and surpass the wildest of dreams if you only put it out there and then TRUST. This says no action toward grabbing and instead, settle down and receive. Allow the WHATEVER to find you. But first send it out like a wish to the universe. And then be the child who dreams that there is a bean stock going up to the sky … and go get what you want up there! That is where our dream lives are. Up that magical bean stock. Up above and beyond all this Earthly. So calm your fears, and TRUST THIS. You are right where you should be and things are BOUT to get manifesting. Change is in the air. Get ready for a ride, but my love, you asked for this excitement! You asked for things to grow and move and expand and now it is all being put into order and delivered to you in beautiful packages.

Okay so you are really focused on MOVING THINGS AND GETTING THEM GOING. You are ready to see the growth of something and to bust out and get some space going on. You are ready to see flowers bloom and the results of your dreams manifesting. You are ready. Ready. And the thing is that you feel held back and kind of anchored by the energies of someone else. This may be a partner but also a family member. They are weighing you down and you just want to fly. I am feeling that difference of like when someone is on the path of spiritually awakening, and the other person is a bit behind on a different chapter in life. It means that things don’t match up, which leads to a disconnect and possibly eventual separation. It just is what it is when we evolve. When we awaken, we naturally evolve to the energies of people and places that match us and encourage a sense of growth. They find us and we encourage more of them because they feel SO GOOD. And you are very aware of what feels SO GOOD. And you need more of that in your life. You can have as much as you ask for, love. That is your message. Take your Empath Shield and use it to protect your heart from other peoples fears. Those fears are BIG right now, and you don’t even need to buy into them or call them into your future!! Shield yourself at this time!! It really is important. You need to distance yourself from anyone who could squash your dreams at this time. This means keep sacred dreams in your heart and do not share them with anyone that could doubt you or cause you to lose confidence of them.

This feels like an energy that is asking you to VALUE yourself more. You may be having experiences from others, possibly even where you are very much the bystander and not even involved, but it hits insecurities in you and is causing you to see what you considered a flaw. You may feel super sensitive or at least VERY aware of your wounds at this time, maybe feeling like they are exaggerated. But there also is this beautiful growth that can occur when you just let go of all the ego things that you have told yourself you must live up to or must accomplish. You are to surrender to it all, my love! You are to flow in between the synchronicity that is dancing around you, and engage! You are to live life more. You are to do many more things that are about playing and SAVORING LIFE. You are to breathe out more into your bubble of life. Give it MORE to move around in. And you are so lucky because you also are getting the message that you are encouraged to go for WAY more than you think you can afford. And you are not to fear debt or of being held down by debt. You are to imagine and believe that you CAN pay off your school loans/mortgage/whatever in FULL this year. Why not! Put it out there and believe you can do it and allow the universe to bring you the situations that prove you right! That’s how powerful your energy is right now! I am saying, LEAP, beautiful one. Go for bigger and always align to high vibe, high integrity and high value. And throw in RISK and you have a winner!

You really have no idea how much you are changing and its actually because you have a really big role in the future that deals with the low vibrational male energies NOW on the decline in the world. You will transmute A LOT and you were built to do it with that energy of yours. So you are understanding how to be so much ENERGY and FORCE but with the core of the High Vibrational Female energies, and with the surrender and the tuning in to ones inner power. It feels like there is a rewiring to your system right now and what is going to change is that you are going to come out of this a person who truly is aligned to trusting life and letting go of all control. Its like you have been put into impulse training that is now fully teaching you how to know when to STOP or PULL BACK or WAIT. You are being trained to be aware of these times in life when all you can do is surrender and hope for the best. And you will feel comfortable doing nothing or feeling out of place or feeling misunderstood or feeling held back, actually, or eventually. But THEN you will understand the signs of GO so that when that gate does open you are well rested, trained and doing 10 times more than you could if you just had gone and gone. So you will have periods of being really sleepy and lazy and just foggy in the brain as a way to get you to slow down and go into the retreat again. Go into the magic, the dream the true manifesting of your life. Your whole world is set to improve. Everything happening is just sifting out the things you don’t want anyway! Do you want to carry around 10 pounds of sand that has gold in it? Or do you want to only carry the 1 ounce of gold that was sifted out of it? Think about that as you walk through this sometimes confusing time. We don’t want the sand that is around you any longer. We only want the gold that is the true core of who you really are. So if anything hurts, just know that this is a no pain, no gain situation. We gain through pain. Its how we are built.

written by ~ KV ~
I am the founder of Aquarius Nation, which birthed on February 8, 2005 when all of a sudden the words AQUARIUS NATION came through as the voice.  I instantly went inside to buy the domain name even though it took until 2011 to get the website created. In this sacred arena, I write about the Galactic Vision through high vibrational astrology, energy readings and the wise eyes of my guidance system.  When I write these readings I just look at the symbols and words flood out of me onto the pages. I basically have no idea what I am talking about as I am just channeling the information YOU need to know. I am honored to be one of your guides into the New Earth Ways.  I am here to ground you and to empower you and help you feel safe in this changing world.  I offer the original birth chart books, Galactic Vision teachings, the High Vibe Guide, magical tinctures, potions and pure MAJICK to help you remember how powerful you really are and to help you move into the flow of living the life of your dreams.