photo credit: unknown (please let me know if you know)

photo credit: unknown (please let me know if you know)


photo credit: unknown (please let me know if you know!)

photo credit: unknown (please let me know if you know!)

Hey guys!  I have an exciting opportunity for some of you bohemia makers + retailers.  We are doing a crazy awesome porch makeover at our home and will be fixing it up with some of our favorite bohemian finds, whether they are thrifted, flea marketed, from handmade crafters or just some of our favorite places to shop.  We thought it would be fun to open this up to some of our followers who are frequently reaching out about collaborations.  I would love to include some of your fabulous works or finds in our design, and in turn share the love for your shop across our blog + social media.

This is going to be quite a big project and will take a couple of months to finish, especially since we will be revolving it our our sweet little babe who is due to arrive around the end of June.  I will definitely be taking the directors chair while my hubby sweetly puts things where I want them.  As of right now, the porch is in the middle of construction and will still be a few weeks out before we can even think about outfitting it.  But my brain has been churning for weeks now, and pouring back over all my fun pinterest finds of outdoor spaces

photo by   @fleamarketfab



This space will be a place I spend alot of my time in.  I plan to not only spend my mornings with babe + coffee + cat here, but also do many outfit shoots + looksbooks in this space, once I get back to magazine writing or even just blog writing you will find me here, and so much more.  Since we are building it from the ground up (brand new design + layout thanks to our good friend), we are really going to make this space our dream space.  For so long I've had one foot in and one foot out when it comes to living here, and since we have decided to stay put where we are since getting pregnant, this is a huge home improvement that really makes me put both feet in, and it's exciting! 




If you are interested in having your goods or creations featured and think they might be a good fit for a boho styled outdoor living space (partially covered and weather proof), then get in touch with me!  I will be sharing the space here on the blog + our social media (which more than quadrupled this past year).  Each artist or shop will get individual shout outs and photographs as well as being a part of the whole collection.  And for this project all collaboration fees will be waived! 


  • furniture
  • wall hangings
  • rugs + textiles
  • floor pillows + cushions
  • plant holders
  • macrame
  • wind chimes
  • pottery
  • wood working creations
  • curtains + throws
  • etc...

We will be using alot of our own finds and things we already have in this space as well.  I will be accepting limited items + only items that really fit my personal vibe.  Items can be new or old, handmade or vintage.  We will have a space that is open & a space that is screened in and covered, so indoor/outdoor is accepted.  Must be flexible with release time.  This whole project will take some time with a new baby coming.  We are hoping to get as much done before the arrival, but much of it will happen after. Please do not be offended if I decline an offer.  I have a pretty specific vibe in mind. xo.

p.s. I'm so excited!!!

Please contact me via email: bohemiancollective@outlook.com & put PORCH MAKEOVER in the subject line.