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Out of all the spaces I have ever decorated, this has to be my favorite.  During my pregnancy James and I decided to make a big investment into our home by putting on a new deck.  Our old deck was cracking and the railing was coming loose and we decided to replace it before our little baby came.  Instead of just rebuilding what was already existing, we chose to recreate a whole new space that really suited us and our lifestyle.  There was no covered area on our old deck, and I love to spend alot of time outdoors.  Living in Texas, especially with a baby in tow, I knew I wanted to create a space that had plenty of shade for us to spend our days without being directly in the sun at all times. 

I have also always dreamt of having a 'bohemian bungalow' of sorts... so we created an outdoor space, that is covered and screened in, that truly became my own bohemian bungalow.  My dream porch.  I could spend all my days out here.  The best part, our little Ava Pearl loves it!  She loves to lay under the tipi, or in her moses basket, staring at the lights or out the screens.  It is truly a magical space, and I'm looking forward to having this space as Ava grows...

My best friend's husband is a carpenter and he did the whole deck for us!  He did an incredible job, and allowed me to get creative with the barn wood wall feature and the custom railing.  I couldn't be happier.

This is a long post with alot of really amazing pieces I'd like to highlight.  I found some true gems to adorn this space with and I'm so excited to share them with you!

The Boho Porch Makeover at

This beautiful handmade ceramic moon is from Meadow Ceramics.  It has a hook on the back so it can be hung on the wall, but I loved the way it looked against this wood slice table, so I decided to use it as a trivet of sorts.  At least for now until tiny fingers can find it... I love her use of color and that each one is one of a kind with it's own unique feel.

The Boho Porch Makeover at

This incredibly beautiful handmade tipi is from Diane Rudge.  I'm such a lover of macrame, and this is one of the sweetest uses of it I've seen.  Ava is in love with it... she could stare at it forever.  Diane is so talented with her weavings + macrame.  She has adult size tipi's too!  All of her work just has the best vibe.  The best part about it is that it's collapsible, so you can easily move it from room to room if you want.  I know Ava is going to have fun playing in it when she gets bigger!

The Boho Porch Makeover at
The Boho Porch Makeover at
The Boho Porch Makeover at
The Boho Porch Makeover at

I love Olliella!!!  They have the most beautiful macrame hanging baby bassinets!  For my porch I got a few of their belly baskets.  One I put a plant in, and one for blankets and books for Ava, which I'm sure will one day get replaced with toys.  I just love the look of them, especially the two tones one and the ones with leather handles shown here.

The beautiful baby kantha quilt is from Habitation Co. (love everything in their shop!!!), the striped colorful blanket is from Catori Life, and the kantha sling is from Kantha Bae.

The Boho Porch Makeover at

I had so much fun pulling together the elements of this space.  The colors kind of came together seamlessly without really thinking about it much.  The wood artwork hung on the barn wood wall was a huge part of the inspiration though.  Roaming Roots Woodworks is incredibly talented and creates insanely stellar works of art with wood.  My father was a carpenter, so woodworking is always pretty special to me.  I love their use of color... I'm all about peaches and corals these days... They also have other really fun pieces like feathers and mountains, not just geometric shapes.  This is a piece of art that is timeless and will last forever, it's so well made.

The barn wood wall was constructed of old barn wood my dad hoarded for over 30 years.  It was from one of the first places he ever tore down to reclaim the lumber from.  So so special to me.  I have been waiting for the perfect place to use it. 

The Boho Porch Makeover at
The Boho Porch Makeover at

I knew I wanted a rug in this space b/c I will be sitting on the floor alot with Ava!  I found the PERFECT rug at Ecarpetgallery.  I had bought a rug from them before so I already knew their rugs were quality, and they have the best sales and prices!  I could easily become even more of a rug hoarder b/c of them.  I love that this rug is long and fills the space across the deck.  They have so many beautiful rugs to choose from, in all different kinds of styles. 

The sweet folks at Ecarpetgallery are giving all my readers a discount code for any rug that is not currently on sale.  That way if you find your dream rug and it's not one of the lucky ones with a sale sticker on it, you get a little discount still.  Just visit this link and use the code ECGBLOGBOHO at checkout.  Check out their blog for more rug inspo.

My mom's sister made this beautiful bamboo + driftwood wind chime.  She is so creative!  She made a HUGE one that hangs on the back of her porch that must be at least 4 feet wide!  It's incredible!!!

This sweet vintage birdie planter and the HUGE brown macrame plant hanger are from Gypsy Yaya, an eclectic vintage shop out of my home state Texas.  She has a fun range of homewares including textiles, vintage mugs, and very 70's home decor.  I adore this bird planter!  And the macrame below is massive!  Goes from floor to ceiling! 

The mudcloth pillows are from Ebb & Thread.  I love the way this blue and white one pops on the porch in my favorite thrifted peacock chair!  The white and brown one in the tipi is also from her shop.  She has a gorgeous collection of pillows, throws and more.  Nichel sews all the pillows herself from these beautiful mudcloth textiles.

My sweet friend Sabrina (@sabrinathepeterson on instagram) made this rock mobile just for my porch!  I have a thing for holes in rocks, as does she... I just adore it!

My parents had these sun + moon pottery pieces hanging on their house for years, handmade by a man named Hayden Larson we used to see at art shows growing up.  They are just special to me.

The beautiful textured planter & salt rock candle holder are from Earthbound Trading Co.

IMG_2593 (Large).jpg

These fun geometric block printed pillows are made by Andria Green.  She hand prints all her textiles and sews them.  She has super fun & quirky style incorporated into her paper goods, prints & textiles.  Again, I love the peach color mixed with the earthy neutral shades.

Brandy of Ket Mercantile made this macrame magazine holder for the porch!  I love the copper piping on it.  I have one of her weavings in Ava's room and just love her work.  It's been so cool to watch her blossom as an artist.  I love all the earthy shades she incorporates into her weavings.  I'm stoked to have a place to keep my magazines and books on the porch, and in such a fun & stylish way!

This punched brass drum is from Earthbound Trading Co.  I love how multi-functioning it is.  It can be used as a plant stand, a stool, and side table... I love the texture and feel of it.  Just plain rad.

I found this amazing hand + moon textile from @thestellabluegallery on instagram.  I have a thing with hands... they remind me of my mom.  I had been on the hunt for the perfect mudcloth or textile to hang on this wall, and the second I saw this one I knew it was meant to be. 

This beautiful handmade pottery is from Hand Meets Sky, a shop who sells turquoise jewelry, as well as Acoma pottery, hand crafted pieces made from natural materials using traditions that have been passed down for generations in New Mexico from the Acoma Pueblo people.  I love the gorgeous shades of color they get from these natural materials.

My friend Holly from @smokeandsage (on instagram) sent me this insane vintage lantern.  It found it's home so nicely on this porch!

This amazing table is from World Market... my favorite place to shop!  It's made from a huge slice of teak root & mid century hairpin legs.  I love the earthy feel it gives the porch.  A statement piece that will last for ever and never go out of style.  If I'm going to invest in a piece of furniture I want to make sure it's something I will love for a long, long time.  This baby fits the bill!

The orange woven pillows and blue striped throw are also from Earthbound Trading Co.  These pillows seriously make this space!  They bring the whole look together. 

My brother is a surveyor and is always finding me the coolest rocks and bones.  It always feels pretty special when he gives me a new one.  I even get them for christmas presents!  I'll take a cool rock over so many things!!!

The coral dipped belly basket from Olliella I used for my rubber tree.  I had this plant in my house forever and it never really thrived... within two weeks of being on this porch it sprouted 5 new leaves!!! My purple oxalis below is also super happy on the porch. :)

Gotta have my coffee in my Skyline Fever mug on the porch every morning!!!

These beautiful carved side tables are also an Earthbound Trading Co. find!  So so pretty!!!

The gorgeous peacock Toran I found on an instagram sale, lucky find!  The ombre macrame hanging is from Urban Outfitters (I used to have it hanging in my studio).  The woven basket is from Of A Muse (not sure they have anymore to sell, but they have lots of fun clothes and other home goods!). The string lights are from Target. 

This space is truly a dream come true.  I look forward to spending many hours here drinking coffee, playing with my daughter, writings magazines, listening to the birds + watching butterflies, seeing sunrises, cooling off from the heat in the summer & cozying up in blankets in the winter, and just being still...