A Love For Essential Oils

Young Living essential oils

I have been in love with essential oils for several years, but recently I have fallen in love with them even deeper. I started a new journey with Young Living oils and the quality is SO good y'all!  I am having so much fun learning all the different ways these plant powerhouses can work within my body + around my home. I thought I would start sharing some things I am loving about them here on the blog.

Essential oils are in everyone's lives, whether you realize it or not.  They are found in so many common household products like shampoo + dish soap, and the list goes on. But when it comes to diffusing them in our homes, rubbing them onto our skin, or even taking internally, quality is so very important. Young Living has an incredible Seed to Seal promise.  They won't even buy land to plant on if there has ever been pesticides used on the soil in the past. They also pay attention to endangered plants and will discontinue or replace an oil in an blend that contains one that is threatened. They also give back in many ways.  I have found them to be a truly upstanding company. Beyond that, there customer service is incredible and their customer perks are beyond wild + abundant!

I started with the oils in their Premium Starter Kit that contains these 11 oils pictured, a diffuser, sample packs + more. They have been such a good starting place b/c each of these oils can be used for so many common things. Below are just a few things you can use them for, but there are so many more!

Young Living Starter Kit essential oil uses

If you are curious about oils or would like to know where to start I'd love to help you. I am part of the most incredible team that has created a space with endless product education. There is also opportunities to create an abundant business with Young Living as well. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just email me through the contact form here on the site.

Or you can visit my sign up link here to get started today!!!


Young Living starter kit