Editor's Picks // ADORN


We are excited to introduce Editor’s Favorites for each of our 6 sections of the magazine. We are showcasing both Laura + Krista’s favorites in each section, and are hosting some really rad giveaways around them for you guys! Visit our instagram each Friday for a new giveaway featuring these incredible shops! This week we kick it off with our ADORN section.

Krista’s Favorites

Nida lu Handmade: Nida Lu Handmade Shoes are designed from a 700 year old Turkish shoe. They are handmade by a family in Gazintep that have been making shoes for generations. Each shoe is crafted with the finest leather that forms to your foot and will last a lifetime!

Vada Winter: Our Band of Sunflowers community is a place where women can come to be reminded that, that if we dig deep we can confidence is choice find that our inner beauty is what makes our outer selves shine brighter. Combine that with a love of boho style + we have your covered.

Shannon Noelke Metal Arts: Handcrafted sterling silver and natural stone jewelry that is inspired by natural elements, many cultures and traditions and the fluid lines of the art nouveau era. A blend of feminine and masculine elements into a synthesis of natural materials that speaks to the ancient and primal in all of us.

Spicyheart: Spicyheart is a collection of bohemian adornments for the woman who connects with nature and the energy of the universe. For the wild woman who shares her soul magic. Each piece is handcrafted from the heart of the mountains.

Vagamundo: Vagamundo combines bohemian spirit with urban sophistication, offering apparel and accessories that fit a free-spirited and modern lifestyle, evoking beauty, confidence, and individuality. Inspired by a mutual love of travel + art, the materials are sourced during their travel adventures.

Karma of Charme: A family owned business created with the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, Karma of Charme designs hand-sewn artisan boots, bags and accessories for the bohemian woman. They weave their love of culture and family into each piece.

Laura’s Favorites

Sandgrens Clogs: We’ve been making clogs by hand since the early 1900s in the forests of Småland, Sweden. Our passion is to make clogs and celebrate traditional Swedish footwear, an artform we believe is worth preserving using naturals materials and timeless design.

Hackwith Design House: Hackwith Design House creates simple, beautiful, ethical clothing made in the United States. Their goal is to make long-lasting, versatile clothing. They are conscious of reducing waste by creating limited edition collections + making items when they are ordered.

Hemlock Goods: We make colorful, illustrated goods for everyday life and everyday people. Hemlock marries a love of art applied to functional goods, textiles you can touch and feel, and the happy magic of unexpected color combinations.

Charlie and Me: Charlie + Me is a Sustainable women's clothing line, handmade in Boulder, Colorado. Each piece is designed with an emphasis on creating clean, timeless designs that use high quality yet low environmental impact fabrics, natural dyes, and can be worn for seasons to come.

Becca Eirikson: My jewelry line consists of intricate handwoven delica seed bead beadwork. Each piece takes hours to create, giving it an original and one-of-a-kind quality that lasts a lifetime. Inspired by elements of nature and the flow of the muse.

MZ Fairtrade: The purpose of MZ is to perpetuate the beautiful artistry of the artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico by connecting them with socially conscious consumers around the globe. We offer beautiful fair trade bags, rugs and pillows that will bring color and culture into your wardrobe and home!

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