Editor's Picks // CREATE


We are excited to introduce Editor’s Favorites for each of our 6 sections of the magazine. We are showcasing both Laura + Krista’s favorites in each section, and are hosting some really rad giveaways around them for you guys! Visit our instagram each Friday for a new giveaway featuring these incredible shops! This week we are featuring our CREATE section.

Krista’s Favorites

Merry Fiber Arts creates unique wearable works of fine art. Each pendant is skillfully embroidered, bringing this ancient art into a contemporary light. Each pendant takes up to two hours as Merry gets lost in the joy of embroidery floss passing through taut fabric.

Bohemian Folk Clothing is a slow fashion shop that creates sustainable, hand-dyed clothing. The Bohemian Folk Community shares one unifying mission: To live simply, for the well being of the human spirit & the planet.

Leather & Weave showcases ethically sourced bags, baskets & textiles from around the world. Purchasing their ethically sourced, environmentally friendly baskets helps empower these talented artisans in their own enterprises; supports sustainable development; & preserves traditional craft skills and practices

Ket Mercantile offers premium macramé and weaving supplies for the fiber art fanatic. She has sells ready made macramé artwork for your home, as well as hosts macramé workshops & teaches private lessons.

Forest Ceramic Co. is owned and managed by Sean Forest Roberts, specializing in functional colored porcelain wares for the home.  He infuses his love of science into his work & has an experimental mindset to his artistic process.

Saffron Creations collects intricately patterned vintage tins manufactured in England during the 1960s and 70s and transform these pieces of nostalgia into timeless jewelry.

Laura’s Favorites

Gaia Conceptions creates artisanal organic clothing for women who love sustainable fashion. Garments are easily dressed up or down, making them excellent for the workplace, travel, lounging, and festivals. Each garment has customizable options to meet the needs of a range of ages, body types, functions, and seasons.

Cinder Alley creates unique, one of a kind bohemian jewelry using organic materials such as bone, porcupine quills, feathers and crystals. Tamara also infuses her passion of vintage jewelry by repurposing remnants she finds in flea markets & thrift shops.

Gypsies Caravan embodies the spirit of our ancestors, keeping the old traditions alive in our craftsmanship. They are a mom and pop shop who believe in authenticity and ethically sourced materials for their one of a kind creations that adorn the wild and free.

Meadow Ceramics is Danish handmade ceramics made by Caroline Arnecke. The pieces are inspired by the vast oceans, botany, the night sky and dreamy watercolors.

LOUV celebrates the beauty of our world and the free spirits. They combine ancestral wisdom like plant dyes with modern innovative eco-friendly materials like eucalyptus fabric to create amazingly soft, feminine & sustainable intimates. They build bridges between the makers and you.

Suno Henna: Susan/Suno, the artist behind Suno Henna, connects others with ancient temporary body art all across Western WA. She brings that temporary beauty to reclaimed wood home decor for more permanent enjoyment.