Editor's Picks // NOURISH


We are excited to introduce Editor’s Favorites for each of our 6 sections of the magazine. We are showcasing both Laura + Krista’s favorites in each section, and are hosting some really rad giveaways around them for you guys! Visit our instagram each Friday for a new giveaway featuring these incredible shops! This week we are featuring our NOURISH section.

Krista’s Favorites

28 Litsea believes that clean beauty is just one component of whole body wellness. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you feed your body internally, and the thoughts and energy with which you surround yourself.

Wild Yonder Botanicals is for Drifters, Stargazers, Dreamers and Cosmic Explorers… Wild Yonder Botanicals is a family owned company dedicated to the wild sacredness of botanicals.

Mad Hippie has a strong stance against animal cruelty, the belief that we are stewards of this planet and must treat our home and fellow beings with love and respect, and an unwavering belief in a brighter, better tomorrow, Mad Hippie was born.

Vegan Bowls is a cookbook designed for anyone wanting to eat more plants. Featuring a collection of recipes and inspiring stories from 100 of the world’s most recognized vegan recipe developers, this cookbook has something for everyone.  

Yoloha Yoga are the creators of the world’s first cork yoga mat. Their family owned and community grown business is proud to invite you all in their pursuit for more eco-friendly, high-quality yoga products.

Birch Babe creates Vegan, Certified Natural, chemical & plastic-free, high qualit products, while still remaining affordable. Their vision is to create incredible body products that work, and are still healthy for you & the planet.

Laura’s Favorites

Cosmic Bath + Beauty believes in natural beauty. They craft simple and effective non-toxic beauty and body care goods for people who realized the power of taking responsibility of taking good care of themselves, and good health has become an essential part of their beauty routine.

Gnat & Bee creates herbal creations to nurture the mind, body & soul. From loose leaf teas to art and body care, their goods are made by their hands, hearts and homestead to share the powers of nature with you.

Aria Diffuser is an Ultrasonic diffuser made from American maple and glass that plays spa like music while diffusing your favorite essential oils. It’s beautiful, earthy style becomes a part of your home décor naturally.

Sacred Smoke Herbals, from smoke wands to smoking blends, is a collection of offerings crafted to honor and reignite our understanding of the ancient healing modality of herbal smoke.

Mushroom Revival: Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by cultures all around the world for their healing properties. Mushroom Revival’s formulas are handmade with the highest integrity to deliver these properties to you

Soapy Layne creates handmade products with intention to reconnect ourselves back with nature using a variety of organic ingredients created by mother earth. Gentle plant based materials with magical properties with no harmful additives or preservatives made in small batches.