Laura Mazurek is the visionary of this site.  It has been a life long dream of hers to find a way to bring together all of her favorite artists, and The Bohemian Collective is the birthing of that seed dream.  She creates the lookbooks you see within the pages of this site, each with the inspiration of the individual artists work being featured.  She is one of the artists herself and creates earthy bohemian spirit jewelry and home accessories through her line Roots and Feathers.  She also is a full time lifestyle blogger at her website  On the side, she creates the drawings for her husbands clothing line Skyline Fever.  Her passion lies not only with her own creations, but also with helping other artists get their work out into the world.  She believes in the community spirit of the art world, and loves to share artists who she believes creates with authenticity, spirit & insane radness.

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hillary rain

Hillary Rain is a gypsy mystic who sees her life as a shadowy bohemian tale of mystery and grace. A certified holistic life coach, she considers herself a soul-doula who bears witness to the renewal of life and the holy-hush fleshing out of soulskin. She is co-mama with gentle fae beauty Denise Andrade-Kroon of Soulsigh, a sacred experience for women designed to honor the creative feminine through ritual and rebirth. She also partners with her beloved wild mystic co-creator Mandy to offer Into the Dark Night—A Guided, Creative Descent into the Shadowlands of the Soul as well as the upcoming Blushing Wild—A Sultry Embrace of Erotic Awakening. Hillary writes about spirituality, sensuality, and the shadowed nuances of her creative life at Find her on Facebook here. Contact her here.

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Marissa is a moon priestess and soul student for life. Her passion is to share mystical wisdom so other women can tap into their own magical ebb and flow. You can find her over at Moondaughter where she creates mystical e-courses on all things Lunar and Metaphysical. Join her accredited certified metaphysical training or follow her courses throughout the seasons. Learn crystal healing, chakra balancing, lunar workings, tarot reading and more. She is a certified holistic life coach, reiki master, crystal healer, and tarot reader, and is so excited to share her knowledge with everyone. Marissa will be sharing all things mystical, magical, and sacred here at the Boho Collective. Marissa strives to live by these few words, "moon my compass, intuition my voice, crystals my companions."

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Stephanie Perkinson is a certified holistic health & lifestyle coach and owner of Wellness by Design. She teaches women how to live "in-season" by introducing them to the magic that each earth-phase holds. She gently guides her clients back to balance on their plates, in their bodies and around their homes. She believes that with loving support, every body can find it's way home and become deeply rooted wherever it may be. She is the co-creator, along with her partner Leah Kent of the popular e-course Feathering the Nest. A program designed to show women how to transform their homes into a nurturing soul-space. At Wellness by Design she brings to life online group programs that embrace beauty, creativity and nature as vital stepping stones to radiant wellness. A circle is gathering now for the Deeply Rooted Winter Cleanse, a seasonal whole-food cleanse based in abundance instead of deprivation.


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Leah Hoffman is a hairstylist at a rad salon/barber shop called Parlour & Juke in downtown Nashville who also enjoys styling photoshoots and freelancing when she can.  She lives in a beautiful loft with her husband and two cats. She is surrounded by fashion, her brother owns a custom denim store in town and is  in the works of starting her own fashion blog. She is a lover of all things gypsy and bohemian and spends her downtime obsessing over pinterest, crafting, embellishing, collecting, dancing & drinking... basically living and embracing life.  She loves mixing boho and outlaw country southern roots vibe to her style.  She was born and raised in the south and will always love its charm, which reflects in her taste.  The last two years of her life have been the most eye opening amazing time and she just wants to share life's beauty and hope to inspire the gypsy goddesss in all of us. :)

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kelly ann.png

Kelly Ann Mount is a slightly sassy, wild-at-heart graphic designer, creative, and recent cancer survivor from sunny California. Known as the fierce flowerchild behind The Flowerchild Dwelling, Kelly Ann is about to embark on a new creative journey - Spirit & Haven, launching this Spring - combining her love for blogging and design into one loving, funny, outspoken, heartfelt, wild sanctuary. She is a music contributor and writer all over the web, including Off Switch Magazine and her own blog, and has a heart for promoting artists & their soulful, captivating tunes. She wholeheartedly believes in building people up, speaking out for equality, making others laugh, daily prayer time, and being kind to the earth. Kelly Ann has a deep love for vinyl records, movie marathons in bed (preferably with pizza), her feisty pup Stella Bird, spontaneous dance parties, feminism, her ever-evolving faith, and the moon. 

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