The Bohemian Collective is a place for the dreamers, the artists, the creators... The free spirited ones who adorn themselves with wild abandon, who connect their hearts to the land and the animals, who find themselves dancing among the flowers... The believers in hope, life, love and rebirth.  Lets come together and inspire each other.


The Bohemian Collective is now coming to you in print form so that you can hold it, smell it, treasure it, and keep it by your bed. The magazine is filled with articles about handmade art, style & adornment, creating sacred spaces in everyday life, self-nourishment, and tuning in to the cosmos (and much more).


Our lookbooks are creative collaborations featuring handmade creations by designers all over the globe, inspiring others who are passionate about bohemian style & self adornment with wild abandon.  Our greatest passion is sharing handmade artisans with the world.


Our blog is a collection of bohemian lifestyle inspiration focusing on artistic expression, personal adornment, sacred spaces, self love, healing & more.  We welcome you to journey with us as we hope to inspire creativity and passion.

Bohemian Collective