Laura Mazurek of The Bohemian Collective

Laura Mazurek is the visionary of this site.  It has been a life long dream of hers to find a way to bring together all of her favorite artists, and The Bohemian Collective is the birthing of that seed dream. 

She creates the lookbooks you see within the pages of this site, each with the inspiration of the individual artists work being featured.  She is one of the artists herself and creates earthy bohemian spirit jewelry and home accessories through her line Roots and Feathers.  She also is a full time lifestyle blogger at her website  On the side, she creates the drawings for her husbands clothing line Skyline Fever

Her passion lies not only with her own creations, but also with helping other artists get their work out into the world.  She believes in the community spirit of the art world, and loves to share artists who she believes creates with authenticity, spirit & insane radness.

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Hillary Rain of The Bohemian Collective

Hillary Rain believes that some of the deepest hungers of humanity are to express the self and the soul. To live deep, full-bodied, meaningful lives. She believes that you don't have to wait until you lose that twenty pounds—or fifty—or one hundred—before you embrace yourself with tenderness. You don't have to wait until you're out of debt, or in a better house, or finished with school before you allow yourself to look up, look around, and revel in your life

She offers unconventional and intuitive holistic + spiritual mentorship for women guided by the wisdom of the body, heart, and spirit through sacred, creative arts.

Hillary is passionate about making her life (and yours) a luscious work of art; to learn more, visit her at  and

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