the visionary
Laura Mazurek

Hello, I'm Laura Mazurek, the girl who created this space you are in called The Bohemian Collective.  Since I was a young teen, I have always dreamt about owning a boutique where I would bring together all of the amazing artisans that I admired.  As I got older, and established my primary business, Roots and Feathers, online, I realized that those dreams were long gone.  Until one night, I had a vision of creating a virtual representation of that lifelong dream.  And this is The Bohemian Collective.

This dream started with the desire seed of gathering together my favorite artisans in a visual way, but has grown to become so much more.  The Boho Blog now has 5 other fulltime editors bringing so much more than fashion to the table.  We are also launching our very own magazine as a real life tangible extension of our blog!

the dream

I created a vision of being able to work with many of my favorite designers in a way that is creative, inspiring, and benefiting to all who is involved.  Instead of focusing primarily on selling everyone's work, I decided to keep it more light and fun, through creating visual lookbooks featuring all of the artisans together.  This has tied together my deep love for photography, fashion art, bohemian style and the handmade community.  This has become my creative outlet that allows me to fulfill this dream of mine and get to talk about and promote other artisans who I believe in, which is one thing I am madly passionate about.  I believe us artisans are a community that should not be just self fulfilling, but spreading a one love atmosphere of support and encouragement to each other.  We are changing the way people view the world, and that needs to spread like wild fire.


Our lookbooks are all photographed by myself or photographer Katelyn Demidow of Gypsy Moth Sol.  She is an amazingly talented photographer who has dedicated much of her time to creating the beautiful images you see in some of the lookbooks.  When she is not available to be on a shoot, it is all shot by myself, as well as styled and modeled.  As much as I wish, there is no big fancy team behind these babies.  They are all 1-2 people spending countless hours behind the scenes, gathering the artists, creating concepts, building shoots, photographing, editing, releasing and promoting.  It is usually a very organic process, and some take longer than others to be released.  Being a one-man-band on a photoshoot can be very trying, and also very rewarding once it all comes together in the end.  It has been an incredible way to meld all of my passions into one place.